Online Poker Software Tools: Take Your Game to the Next Level

The use of online poker software Tools has become quite common in today’s modern environment. The various poker analysis software helps players get better by giving them deep insights into their own and tendencies of their opponents and helps them understand the game on a whole different level.

Online Poker Software Tools

Online Poker Software Tools

While it is still possible to get by without poker tools, there is no doubt that having just the right software, app, or training materials available to you will give you a huge boost on your path to becoming a better poker player. These tools will significantly flatten the learning curve if you learn to use them correctly and efficiently. Of course, players still need to put in the work to get better, as poker software only offers opportunities for those willing to learn, but if you’re intent on getting better, results are basically guaranteed.

Today, we’re bringing you an overview of the best online poker software Tools  on the market. These tools are certain to help you find and patch your own leaks and notice the mistakes of other players, allowing you to profit off of them. Regardless of whether you are just a casual player or a seasoned pro, having at least one or two of these poker analysis tools is a must if you want to achieve long-term success.

Poker Tracker 4

Online Poker Software Tools

Poker Tracker is one of the oldest and best known applications in the world of online poker software. It’s been through many changes and developments, and Poker Tracker 4 is the latest version. This software contains pretty much everything you need to give your game the much needed boost.

If you haven’t had a chance to use or see this software in action, Poker Tracker 4 essentially keeps track of all the hands you play, be it on the cash game tables or in the tournaments. It gathers all the information it can, which includes your hand, your opponents hands, the size of the pot, actions by the streets, and more.

All the information is stored in an external database, which means you can easily take your data with you or transfer the entire database to a new computer. This is very convenient for obvious reasons, and the only downside is that, if you have a large database, the process of importing hands can take a few hours, depending on the technical specifications of your computer.

Poker Tracker 4 Features

One of the most important features of Poker Tracker 4 is the so-called HUD (Heads Up Display). The HUD works in real time, allowing you to see the statistics for you and your opponents at the table. This feature is highly customizable with various pop-ups you can enable, allowing you to see everything you could possibly need: from your opponents VPIP (voluntarily put money into pot), their continuation betting tendencies, 3-bet and 4-bet frequency, and much more. Of course, the more hands you have on a particular player, the more accurate the stats will be.

Other than its in-game features, Poker Tracker also lets you do all sorts analysis off the tables. Since you have all your hands with all the relevant information available to you, you can replay the hands and create different reports based on highly customizable and detailed filters. For example, you can see your winnings at a particular stake level, see how well you do at different positions at the table, your stats against a particular opponent, and much, much more.

Poker Tracker 4 is certainly among the best online poker analysis tools you’ll find and the best part is, you can try it completely free for one month. That way, you can see it in action for yourself without any commitments and decide if it is worth the money. After that, you can buy the software for $59.99 for small stakes or $99.99 covering all stakes.

Hold’em Manager 2

Online Poker Software Tools

Holdem Manger 2 is a poker tool quite similar to Poker Tracker. For some time, the companies in charge of these two products used to be rivals, but they ended up merging to try and put their minds and efforts together and really boost both of these programs.

As far as whether you should pick Hold’em Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 4, opinions differ among players, and it gets down to your personal preferences. The general consensus seems to be that HM 2 is better-suited for tournament players.

So, Hold’em Manager 2 is another great poker analysis tool letting you access heaps of information about your play and play of your opponents. With detailed breakdowns, highly-functional HUD, advanced filters, and more, it offers everything you’d expect from the software of this type.

Hold’em Manager 2 Features

The Heads Up Display (HUD) is at the core of HM 2. Like with PT 4, it is the real time tool that gives you access to a lot of crucial information right on the spot. Depending on your preferences and playing styles, you can create a HUD that really fits your needs and you can easily understand at a glance.

Most people choose to have stuff like the continuation bet, VPIP, and 3-bet readily available, with other things accessible via popups, but HM 2 will let you customize everything the way you like. There are also many ready-made HUD setups for Hold’em Manager 2 available online for free, and you can simply import them into the software.

Other than this, the software also lets you analyze things when you aren’t playing and you can create all sorts of reports based on a huge number of variables. In fact, these advanced filters are what HM 2 creators are proud off the most, as they’ve really put in a lot of work to give players a chance to create breakdowns based on pretty much anything: positions, pot sizes, different situations (3-bet pots, 4-bet pots, etc.), and more.

HM 2 also comes with NoteCaddy, a small but powerful app that automatically takes notes on your opponents in certain situations, giving you even more information about their tendencies and playing styles.

You can get Hold’em Manager trial completely free of charge and try it for a period of 30 days before you decide to buy it. The price to purchase is the same as for PT 4, i.e. $59.99 or $99.99, depending on the stakes you play.

Table Ninja II

Online Poker Software Tools

With a really cool name, Table Ninja II is a piece of software designed to improve your online poker playing experience. Unlike different analysis tools, Table Ninja helps online players, especially those playing multiple tables, set everything up in an efficient way to maximize the number of hands you play per hour.

The software will really change your playing experience, as it makes so many things automated or semi-automated, allowing you to fully focus on playing and making the best decisions, especially once you set everything up to your liking.

Table Ninja II Features

There are many cool features that come with Table Ninja II, but some of them are truly outstanding. For example, the software lets you set up hotkeys for your bets, and these are highly customizable, as you can decide if these will be a particular number of big blinds, a percentage of the pot, or something else. You can even adjust the hotkeys to change depending on the stage of the game (for tournament players).

The table manager feature is an excellent product for everyone playing multiple tables, as it lets you arrange the tables the way you like it and have them pop up or alert you only when it is your turn to act. That way, you can stay fully focused on the action at hand, with no unnecessary distractions.

Although it isn’t a statistics tool, Table Ninja II does have a live stats feature. It isn’t as detailed or as useful as HM 2 or PT 4 HUDs, but it can still come in handy, especially as an addition to your already existing HUD.

The software can be downloaded and tried for free from the Hold’em Manager site, but if you want to continue to use it, the price is $75 for the PokerStars-only version and $150 for the version that works on all sites.


Online Poker Software Tools

ICIMIZER is a poker tool designed for players playing multi table tournaments, sit and go’s, and other tournament variations, where the ICM (Independent Chip Modeling) plays an important role. If you are new to the concept, ICM considerations are very significant in determining the right play in certain tournament situations when there is a bubble approaching or there are significant pay jumps to take into account.

Thus, learning ICM is crucial to maximizing your tournament winnings. With ICIMIZER, this task becomes much easier, as the software gives you a lot of examples and allows you to recreate any situations you are uncertain about to help you figure out the right plays.


The ICIMIZER app is available both online and as a downloadable, installable program for your computer, so you can use it anywhere, anytime. The software will let you set up different tournament positions or import poker hands directly for most well-known poker rooms, like Party Poker, PokerStars, and rooms on the Ongame network.

Once the position is set up, ICIMIZER’s Tournament Calculator will tell you all you need to know about other players’ all in probabilities as well as your proper responses based on your own hand, the payout structure, effective number of blinds, etc.

Although the ICM concept may be unknown to many new players, its implications are very important for any player looking to seriously play tournament and/or sit and go’s. The software will probably open your eyes to some new ideas that might seem strange at first, but start to make sense the more you look at them and understand the reasoning behind these decisions.

ICIMIZER can be tried for free, but with very limited options of a few calculations per day. However, there are a couple of different payment models. You can get a monthly subscription at $14.99 to check the app out. If you find it helps your game, of which there is little doubt, you can get a yearly subscription at $79.99.

Advanced Poker Training

Online Poker Software Tools

If you are on the lookout for online poker software that contains different elements required to significantly improve your game, than Advanced Poker Training might just be the thing for you. This training system is entirely online-based, which means you can access it from different computers, without having to install any software on all the different machines you might be using.

Although Texas Hold’em is a complex game and it is hard to find all the answers you need in one place, Advanced Poker Training certainly comes close. It is one of the best ways to bring some much needed improvements in your game without having to waste dozens of hours looking through your hands and trying to figure out what you might be doing wrong.

Advanced Poker Training Features

This online poker tool comes with a number of features designed to help you sharpen your skills. First and foremost, Advanced Poker Training offers hundreds of different in-game scenarios, putting you on the spot. With these scenarios, which have been designed to mimic some common real game situations, you’ll be asked to make right decisions based on the information provided.

After you complete a training sessions, the software will provide you with a very detailed report on your answers and solutions, pointing out some of the obvious and not-so-obvious mistakes and flaws. Armed with this knowledge, you can finally recognize and start fixing leaks in your game.

Furthermore, you can import or recreate any hands you had played and analyze them with Advanced Poker Training. That way, you can get answers to some real questions about actual situations you’ve found yourselves in instead of some abstract concepts.

Finally, the site also employs some 20 poker experts who are always at your disposal to answer your questions and offer their thoughts, advice, and guidance. That way, even if you can’t figure something out on your own, you’ll have someone to talk to and help you understand the ideas and concepts that you might be struggling with.

If you feel like Advanced Poker Training is the kind of poker tool you need, their prices start at $29.97 per month or $149.99 for a yearly membership. The site also offers a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with what you get, so this tool is a fairly safe bet if you’re looking to advance your game.


Online Poker Software Tools

Hand2Note is another online poker tool that revolves around statistics and HUDs. It is similar to PT 4 or HM 2 in many aspects, but it still manages to bring something new to the table, which makes some people actually prefer it or at least use it alongside these two most popular poker tracking software solutions.

With Hand2Note, you can easily import any existing hands you may have into the software database, and it will automatically take in any hands you might have stored locally from a number of big poker sites.

Hand2Note Features

If you’ve ever used any poker tracking software, you’ll have no problems finding your way around Hand2Note. That said, even if you’re completely new to this type of poker tools, the software is still quite intuitive and easy to figure out.

Once your hands are imported, you’ll be able to get all sorts of reports on other players by simply clicking their names. The software will show you various stats and information, and you can also make notes on their play on the spot, and these notes will be available while you play as long as you run Hand2Note with your poker client.

Of course, there is also the Heads Up Display (HUD), where you can adjust the information that’s on the display to help you make your decisions while you play. The type of information you can include in your HUD includes things like VPIP, c-bet frequency, 3-bet, etc. The software also lets you create different custom stats, which is a bit advanced, but can certainly come in handy for more experienced players who know exactly what they want to see.

Hand2Note implements the latest in data compression algorithms, meaning hands are imported quickly regardless of how big your database might be. Additionally, they offer special private services to help you migrate your data from a different tracking tool such as Poker Tracker 4 or Hold’em Manager 2.

One great thing about this poker tool as opposed to most other ones out there is that you can use it completely free and without limitations if you play the smallest of stakes (up to NL25 and tournaments up to $9). After that, there are different price ranges depending on how high you play, starting at $9.99 a month or $89 a year, all the way up to $359 a year for an unlimited version of the software.

Tournament Poker Edge

Online Poker Software Tools

For players looking to improve their tournament play, Tournament Poker Edge is an all-in-one tool that provides you with everything you could possibly need. This is a web-based platform completely devoted to tournament poker, offering an impressive number of different resources.

Tournament poker is among the most popular game types around, because it gives anyone a chance to have that one big score and have their poker career turned around in a matter of a few hours. So, if online poker tournaments are your cup of tea, then Tournament Poker Edge is the training system you need.

Tournament Poker Edge Features

With Tournament Poker Edge, players get a lot for their buck. First of all, there is the University, where you can access a huge library of videos, strategy articles, and other useful materials to take your game to the next level. Additionally, there are also quizzes, which you can use to check if you understood the lessons and are ready to implement the newly acquired knowledge at the tables.

There are also many other videos and podcasts that aren’t a part of the University course, which cover all sorts of different topics that could be useful to tournament players. Whatever the area you struggle with or want to learn about more, the odds are you’ll find at least couple of videos covering that specific topic on Tournament Poker Edge.

On top of all this, there is a very active community and the forum, where you can ask questions, participate in the strategy discussions, and take part in the hand analysis. The community is frequented by the team of Tournament Poker Edge pros as well, with the likes of Collin Moshman, Dan Witcher, Justin Pechie, Matthew Hunt, and many others sharing their insights.

Of course, all of this doesn’t come free, but the value of the provided materials should easily justify the cost. There are three membership options available: yearls ($299.95), quarterly ($99.95), and monthly ($39.95). With all the membership packages, players get access to the full video library containing 1,000+ HD coaching videos, enrollment in the University section, and access to the strategy section and forums.

Pick Your Weapon of Choice

This overview of the best poker tools should give you a pretty good idea of what’s out there and what would be the most useful to you as a player. Not everyone’s needs, requirements, and abilities are the same, so you should choose based on what you feel will bring you the most value.

For example, if you are new to poker tacking tools, you could try to ease into things with the free version of Hand2Note before switching to more powerful tools such as Poker Tracker 4 or Hold’em Manager 2. Of course, you might just get used to it and decide to upgrade and stick with it. It is important to use poker software you’re most comfortable with as it needs to help you, not distract you while playing.

If you feel like there are general concepts you need to learn, especially as a tournament player, there’s ICMIZER and the Tournament Poker Edge Training program. ICMIZER is a tool that’s definitely worth a look, as it will help you understand some very important and often neglected concepts – and if you want to learn more about the whole idea of ICM, you’ll find plenty of resources at Tournament Poker Edge.

Table Ninja II is a must-have tool for all multi-tablers, but even if you only play a few tables at the time, this poker tool can still be quite handy when you get used to it. The sheer number of customizable in-game options and programmable hotkeys will make playing online poker much more enjoyable.

The point is, in the modern world of online poker, there is no point in trying to avoid poker software, as all good players are using it, and you are missing out if you aren’t. Use your free trials to test different apps and programs out there, find the ones that suit you best, and then invest some money in your poker growth. These investments will pay off even if you are just a casual player, as poker is a game of information, and these tools give you access to all the information you can handle.


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