BetOnline Poker

BetOnline Poker Review:

  • 10/10
    Software and Graphics - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Tournaments - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Cash Game - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Banking - 10/10

One of the largest USA facing online poker sites in current industry is BetOnline Poker. Built on the Hero Poker platform and offering a wide range of NLH and PLO action, BetOnline is a fantastic place to find soft games filled with casino and sportsbook players delving into poker action.

BetOnline Poker was first launched in 2011 by BetOnline, a company who have previously dealt with sports betting only. A large marketing campaign followed the launch of the poker room and the fact they accept US players, in combination with an extensive deposit bonus offered by the site are the main reasons that the room has been as successful as it has so far.

We take a detailed look at the overall offering that BetOnline Poker has to make its players and bring you our personal opinion and verdict based on concrete evidence and data we have collected about the site. Let’s see how favourable BetOnline Poker is for you as a player.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus offered by BetOnline Poker is truly generous and substantial. All new players who sign up with the site are awarded with a 100% match bonus on their first deposit, worth up to $2.500. The bonus is available for 60 days and releases in increments of $5 per $15 in rake paid, for a rakeback rate of 33%, a very solid return on your play and something that not all poker rooms will offer in the current market.

What is even more, BetOnline Poker are known for issuing further bonuses to their loyal players, which makes them a place to be if you are a full time grinder. The lack of higher stakes action may bother some, but if you are playing lower stakes, the soft games at BetOnline in combination with plenty of valuable bonuses will be the right combination.

Software & Graphics

When it comes to the poker software itself, BetOnline Poker is somewhat of a disappointment in comparison to many other platforms. Operating on the Hero Poker platform, the site gives you a very simple and fairly old fashioned appearance, with everything from the background to the chips and cards looking more like it was the early 2000s, with other more modern software platforms leaving them in the dust with their advanced and high end looks.

In regards to actual features you can use during gameplay, you will notice that the site gives you the option to choose between a few table themes and deck colours, and you will have an option to tag players in different colours, potentially a useful trick to tag week and strong players. However, that’s just about it, as many other features that are common at other poker sites are nowhere to be found at BetOnline Poker, a big disappointment to multi tablers and players who are used to the top notch gameplay experience at other poker sites.


Betonline poker mobile

One of the bigger problems BetOnline used to have was the lack of any mobile options. However, realizing the needs of modern players, the room has recently launched their mobile app available for Android phone and iPhones alike. Most players didn’t expect much from this app, but it turned out BetOnline did a pretty good job with their mobile solution and their mobile poker app offers a very decent gaming experience.

Cash Games & Tournament Action

When it comes to the actual action at BetOnline, this is where things get interesting, especially for professional players looking for good action. BetOnline players are notorious for being week and not really knowing what they are doing at the tables, making it a great place for those players looking to pounce on weaker games filled with fish players. Be mindful however, as other serious players are also on the lookout for the same things, so you may encounter some very solid players at BetOnline as well. If you are a recreational player, the presence of other recreational players will make things a lot more interesting, as you won’t just have to face a table full of regulars waiting for you to sit at the table.

In terms of games on offer and stakes, they are what you may expect. Cash game tables run mostly at the micro and low levels, with a few mid stakes tables occasionally opening during peak times. No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha are the games of choice at BetOnline, with occasional 7 Card Stud games running. Other poker variations like 2-7 Triple Draw or Razz are not available at BetOnline, but to be honest, they are not played much at other sites either, so this is not a major problem. On the other hand, two interesting games, 32 Card Draw and Americana are both available at the site, for those players looking for some action in the unexplored territory.

When it comes to tournaments, BetOnline run a decent schedule of poker tournaments ranging from those at the lowest of stakes and freerolls to some reasonable buyins for the higher stakes players out there. Each week, players are eligible for rewards in one of the three MTT challenges depending on their buyin level and will receive their share of $5.000 in prize money.


As you may expect, being a site that accepts US players, getting the money in and out of the site is the biggest issue with BetOnline. If you are a player from Europe or another part of the world where there are no restrictions on online gambling, you will not have a problem making a deposit using common payment methods like Skrill, Neteller, Visa and Mastercard credit cards, of wire transfers. You can use all the same methods to make withdrawals and you can expect the money to arrive in your accounts in a very reasonable timeframe, as the modern day BetOnline is not a site to stall on withdrawals.

On the other hand, the US players who may not be able to use credit cards or e-wallets to make their deposits, can use things like Bitcoin, Person to Person Transfer, and Cheques to fund their accounts and request cashouts. According to user experiences, both deposits and the withdrawals occur in a reasonable timeframe and are never delayed, but the withdrawals will cost you some money as fees do apply on all such withdrawals.


Speaking overall, BetOnline Poker is not a bad poker site, especially if you are an American player with few options. The presence of many weak players and a fantastic deposit bonus are both great reasons to join BetOnline and start making some easy cash in those soft games.

The lack of many features players may be used to, poor looking tables and oftentimes expensive withdrawals can be a bit of a downside, especially to players who are used to mass tabling and playing hundreds of hands per hour, but we don’t think that’s the profile of players that BetOnline are focusing on anyway. If you are a recreational player looking for juicy action or a professional who does not mind  playing a poorer poker platform to gain a significant edge in-play, than BetOnline is a fantastic choice for you.